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How Does CopyTrader Work? The CopyTrader system is one of the key reasons the platform is considered among the leaders of the fintech revolution. The general idea of the CopyTrader tool is pretty simple: Choose the traders you want to copy, decide on the amount you wish to invest, and copy everything they do automatically, копирования сделок с одного in real-time, with one click of a button.

Beyond the basic 50 опционов of copy trading, there are quite a few additional elements to the system.

The maximum amount of traders you can copy simultaneously is If you close a copied trade manually, the funds from this position will be credited back to your copy balance the amount allocated to copy that person that is not invested in open positions.

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CopyTrader — Copying all trades Копирования сделок с одного CopyTrader system gives copiers the option to copy all of the currently open trades of the copied trader. The trades will have the same stop loss SL and take profit TP as the original trade. If the copied trader extends their SL by adding more funds to a position, your SL will adjust accordingly. However, your position amount will stay the same as its initial amount. You will be able to close a specific copied trade without closing the copy account.

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If the Copied Trader opens a position in markets that are closed during the time they are copied market break for examplethe system will копирования сделок с одного a Market Order for the copier.

Once the market is open, the order will execute into a position with the first market rate. Please note: The trades will all open in your account at the same time. You will see them at a slight loss which reflects the spread between the Копирования сделок с одного and Sell rates, to show you a real-time representation of the funds you will receive if you close the trade.

However the proportion can change when the copied trader changes their available balance — this can occur when копирования сделок с одного Copied Trader makes a deposit or withdrawal. CopyTrader — Copying only new trades Copiers choosing this method will only replicate new trades that the Copied Trader opens after the copy action starts.

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New trades will open at the same rate as the copied trader opens them. The trades will have the same SL and TP as the original trades. You can close a specific copied trade without closing the copy account.

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Please note: The proportion can change when the Copied Trader changes their available balance. This can occur when the copied trader makes a deposit or withdrawal or closes an old trade that was opened before you started copying them if you chose not to copy the already opened trades.

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When any of these events occur, you might get trades that have a different proportion than before. It is essentially an automated risk control system that allows you to set controls for the entire copy relationship, at a dollar value.

So, what happens when CSL triggers?

How Does CopyTrader Work?

Please note that the system will not allow you to reduce the CSL копирования сделок с одного a value that is so small that it could trigger the closure of the CopyTrader копирования сделок с одного immediately. Keep in mind that the CSL value will change if you change your copy amount.

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Adding or removing funds from the copied trader копирования сделок с одного trigger копирования сделок с одного recalculation of the CSL value as a percentage of the new copy amount. Remember you can update the CSL at any time. With regular trades, whenever you increase the SL, funds are added to the trade from the account balance to represent the extra funds needed to support it.

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With copied trades, whenever the Copied Trader extends their SL, there are no extra funds deducted from копирования сделок с одного overall copy amount. However, if the Copied Trader reaches your set CSL regarding an unrealised loss overall, the entire copy relationship will be closed. Therefore the percentage of available copy balance might be greater than the balance of the copied trader.


How do CopyPortfolios work? Each CopyPortfolio aggregates various assets or a group of traders and is constantly optimised by machine-learning algorithms. The weights allocation of each CopyPortfolio can change over time.

Market CopyPortfolios Market CopyPortfolios aggregate various assets together in a single portfolio, following a predetermined market strategy or focusing копирования сделок с одного a specific market segment.

For example, the BigTech CopyPortfolio groups major companies from the tech sector, offering an asset for traders who wish to invest in the industry as a whole.

CopyTrader – Copying all trades

The composition of the CopyPortfolio is updated periodically, to maintain low risk and increase the probability of profit. We hope this article has helped you gain a clearer understanding of our Copy systems. Your browser is not supported Please upgrade to the latest version of these supported browsers. Thank you.

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