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If you want to feel more convenient while trading, then you need some workaround for this situation, until Tinkoff Bank developers finally release those orders as the killer feature. In беру. брокер article, I will show you my workaround. Here I should say something about workarounds, which are provided by the broker.

беру. брокер

First, the broker has limit orders. The feature was released in February and clients waited for it for almost two years. They feature working within one trade day.

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So, you need every trading day set them anew. And this range is extremely narrow.

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On a беру. брокер market, it makes you feel inconvenient.

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If threshold absolute, in price, беру. брокер relative, in percentage is passed, you will get a notification. My workaround is quite simple: we do have thresholds for an asset. We calculate thresholds ourselves. If thresholds are passed, we make a manual action: sell or buying to get, as a беру. брокер, profit or loss.

While it looks simple enough, there are some details in my solution which I want to share and discuss.

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While my securities portfolio had one asset, thresholds were defined in the script, and беру. брокер stock search was made just plain, simple and not configurable at all. It was a bad solution, but fast and showed that idea was right.

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When I get new assets in the portfolio I made loading беру. брокер names, exchanges, thresholds from a file. My first asset was a foreign stock, and the foreign stock could be bought or sold only in Saint-Petersburg exchange. There is a volume descending sort, so it was easy to parse, because my asset always was on the first page.

беру. брокер

But March, 8 it was broken. There is a straight solution: download and parse all pages and find the asset. Instead of it, I decided to add as another data source the tradingview. Беру.

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брокер is no need to parse a lot of pages to find your stock, because each asset has its own page, like беру. брокер one: I assumed, that now my problems are gone, but I was wrong.


The data on the pages load and update only with JS. So, Requests I used to download pages failed. For my strong disappointment, it беру. брокер not very stable, until I found some clues on StackOverFlow and such.

Most examples are lacks these details, беру.

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брокер it could arise some problems. In беру. брокер case, sms.

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Sign-up on an SMS gate. Create an API key. I ran into the question: what if we already sent an SMS.

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The first version lacks any checks, so it sends an SMS within each loop. Again and again.

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But as new day arise, arise a new problem: how to flush SMS counter? Or, actually, when?

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For now, I implemented the latest variant, but in the future, I may change it. My solution now working, you may download it from GitHub.

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